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The furniture retailing industry is going through tough times. Many companies in the world are trying for global efficiency (example IKEA). Every country that has wood resources finds entrepreneurs trying to develop a business plan based on this structure. Manufacture products in the cheapest place in the world while retaining control on design. Planning a structure and executing it are two different spheres that always collide. The reasons are obvious. 


With the advent of China as a large manufacturing base it has become difficult for other countries to go head to head with the Chinese style of manufacturing. Even design considerations are taking a hit as there is no way to stop a Chinese competitor to copy the design and produce the furniture items in mass. Reverse engineering is in vogue and it works like this. You are an entrepreneur and with financing in place you will import the best woods into China. Employ Chinese manufacturing techniques. China has an enormous CNC woodworking router manufacturing capacity. These machines have revolutionized furniture manufacturing. Be it sawing, drilling, side milling, 3D carving these machines can do the job faster, and cheaper than any place on earth. With shipping companies offering low rates (the fall in oil price has allowed shipping companies to lower container shipping costs - presently they are at an industry low) the furniture can be sold to wholesalers cheaper than what would cost to manufacture them. This is one of the reasons that there are many Furniture now retail stores spanning the length and breadth of America. Most of them are family run businesses that have no option but to sell these imports. The big differentiator in their marketing strategy is create a liking for them being a local company and personalized service. (Source: Furniture Now reviews)

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